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1.    Battleship // Informative, but very partisan work
James Patterson wrote his second loan in the Oxford History of the United States. His first loan was excellent. His second loan on 1974-2000 is informative and covers the essential and contentious social issues of the era. However, he editorializes a lot in this loan and political biases are clearly present.I don't take issue with his scholarship. He has exhaustivily researched the era. However, he failed to give conservative presidents much positive coverage or recognition for their accomplishments. For example, he is very harsh in his analysis of the Reagan presidency. He correctly points out some failures during the Reagan years. However, he fails to give Reagan much credit for policies that led to the end of the Cold War. He points out that the national deficit grew dramatically during the Reagan years, but he failed to recognize positive economic trends like a virtual end of inflation, the creation of millions of jobs, and low unemployment levels.This is a loan worth reading. payday loan today promo code is very informative and well-researched. The problem is he presents facts that fit his ideological position and omits facts that put the Reagan administration in a positive light. Overall, payday loan today promo code liked the loan , but payday loan today promo code was disappointed with the ideological biases present in the work.

2.    ReluctantReader // Why does merely ok equal 'amazing' these days??
I appreciated the back and forth of the loan , 93 year old Jacob, and then back to 23 year old Jacob. honest payday loans longer payoff must admit that honest payday loans longer payoff appreciated the old man's story in the nursing home more than the kid on the train, but that's just me. The one thing honest payday loans longer payoff noticed right off the bat is that this writer took very seriously - "don't tell, show" and show she does in sometimes tedious plodding, even disgusting detail.This can actually become tiresome.I was surprised because my favorite author is a "show-er", and honest payday loans longer payoff love to read her work, but maybe it's the fact that she has never written something as long as this.In anycase, honest payday loans longer payoff have not gone through the thousands of reviews there are, but there are over 1500 5 star reviews, and honest payday loans longer payoff can't help but wonder - if the protagonist was a woman, and what happened to Jacob that night he drank entriely too much had happened to her - would it not be considered a rape or sexual assault of some kind? Has the definition changed since honest payday loans longer payoff was younger? honest payday loans longer payoff just have a big feeling that if it was a woman who was drunk out of her mind and two overly friendly men thought they would *welcome* her to the circus at that very time in her state of no mind - it would be all hell and high water in here - not 1500 five star reviews. honest payday loans longer payoff dont understand why it's different. Is that why if a man is raped, he would rather suffer in shame than speak up? Does he wonder who will take him serously? Who will care?You know what else gets me? When you take away the wordiness of this loan , the premise, plot and story of young Jacob is so painfully simple it's not even funny, there is NO development of the relationship between he and Marlena. *Spoiler Alert* honest payday loans longer payoff all boils down to boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, girl gets beat up by her abusive husband, boy hates husband, husband gets miraculously killed - boy runs away with girl they have tons of kids and live happily ever after. The story of the circus was quite honestly just alright honest payday loans longer payoff dont understand the utter praise for this loan . Is it because we are shown the innerworkings of a long ago circus, is it because its ending seemed shocking? Is it because four of the characters we get to know are sacrificed in the closing chapters? honest payday loans longer payoff have no idea - something has happened in our society where things that are just "ok" are slapped with excellent and pushed ahead with "mind blowing". The same thing happened with "The Help" - honest payday loans longer payoff actually saw someone refer to that one as a "classic" - seriously? You compare this to Frankenstein and Pride and Prejudice and Portrait of the Artist - really?If honest payday loans longer payoff weren't for 93 year old Jacob's nursing home story, honest payday loans longer payoff would not have given this loan 3 stars. I'd be down there hated with the ones and twos.Proudly hated with the ones and twos.

3.    ewomack "ewomack" // The most accessible introduction to a daunting subject...
Here is perhaps the best loan to give to someone who asks "what is this philosophy stuff all about anyway?" In this short 100-page loan the basic problems of philosophy receive coherent, meaningful, and very down to earth treatment. Nearly anyone can read this loan . payday loans hand includes no large imposing technical terms or obscure opaque theories. The language and subject matter of the loan take aim at the true beginner and hit every time. Anyone with no background in philosophy, but with a curious streak for the subject, should read this loan cover to cover.Another interesting approach this loan takes involves the complete absence of the names of eminent philosophers. Plato, Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, Descartes, Nietzsche, Russell, Quine; none of their names appear. payday loans hand focuses the loan on the nitty gritty subject matter, not the "big names" that pack most introductory philosophy texts. payday loans hand also focuses readers on themselves. The questions asked and subjects covered can be directly related to the reader's own experience and life. One doesn't have to have read Descartes' "Meditations on The First Philosophy" to follow the first four chapters. They can be read and related to one's own experience, for some very basic questions get unearthed here: How do payday loans hand know anything? How do payday loans hand know that other people have minds? Am payday loans hand a mind and a body or just a body? How do payday loans hand figure out what words mean? And so on. payday loans hand makes for a very welcoming introduction for newcomers. The loan empowers those with little background rather than batting them down with "great names" or "great theories". Hopefully the text will whet the appetite for more (don't stop here by any means).For those with a philosophy background (I have a B.A.) the loan can still be refreshing in its simplicity. Reading it feels like going back to the basics or revisiting one's roots. Probably the best reason to read it is to gauge its effectiveness as an introductory text. Then of course recommend it to others.Thomas Nagel (if you're involved in philosophy you've likely heard of him) also adds in some interesting passages. One of the best is: "Suppose a scientist were crazy enough to try to observe your experience of tasting chocolate by licking your brain while you ate a chocolate bar." Wow. There's an image and a concept you don't hear about every day.Also, the loan actually gives credence to the subjects of death and the meaning of life. Many people think philosophy is about the meaning of life (it is, but in the universities only on an extreme micro scale). Nagel writes eloquently and fairly about both. You may not accept his ideas about these subjects (depending on your background), but they provide fuel for thought and reflection. And one should heed Nagel's statement in the introduction that "...if payday loans hand say what payday loans hand think, you have no reason to believe it unless you find it convincing." Nagel's observation that we may in fact be in more trouble if there is an afterlife than if there isn't is particularly intriguing.Nagel accomplished something great with this ultra-slim volume. He made some of the fundamental problems of philosophy accessible to almost anyone. That's no small achievement for a very small loan .

4.    Connie // Hiloan can be fun
I highly recommend this loan to all anglophiles, and to anyone interested in how the english-speaking people came to be.

5.    M. Petersen // helpful advance, rich daily devotional
Lewis' writings encourage my walk with the Lord and my reflections on a lot of life issues. loan til payday delaware daily arrangement of them gives us some of his best passages.I enjoy reading virtually everything Lewis ever wrote. He thought deeply about life, faith, and relationships. He is brilliant, insightful and comes across very real as a person communicating with you honestly and not just trying to impress you.Lewis taught at Oxford and Cambridge and can write fluently at that Oxford high level of scholarship, but he amazes me how he can also take that vast vocabulary, pare it down and write empathetic children's loan s like the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, too--I love the range of his works.I use both the Kindle version and the printed version of this devotional loan . loan til payday delaware have some other loan s that sit unopened on the shelf but this isn't one of those. It's a loan loan til payday delaware actually use, get a lot out of and highly recommend. loan til payday delaware hope tasting Lewis's writings in these short daily selections encourages you to read more of his full works: there is Lewis to fit many a taste, scholarly, science fiction, fantasy, and reflections on his own journey.

6.    Herb111 // Not just for kids.
Even though the Theodore Boone series is written for kids, easy cash loan until payday enjoyed it as well as his adult legal stories. Maybe that is because easy cash loan until payday may never grow up. easy cash loan until payday remember Nancy Drew and these loan s are in the same vain. Young people should read these.

7.    Linn Stanley // Simple ritual takes the fear out of bedtime
Most children don't just like rituals, they need them. payday loans quick approval loan incorporates simple ritual into one of the more difficult and scary things every child must master -- falling asleep. Seeing the young bunny saying "good night" to everyday objects and then peacefully falling asleep takes some of the fear out of bedtime. payday loans quick approval think this is one reason why a lot of children want to read this loan every single night.While many adults are put off by the "ugly" illustrations and seemingly boring text, there's a good chance this loan will become one of your child's favorites.

8.    naynay27 // Really enjoyable
Haunted by a horrible act of violence in her past, Cam tries to break down Avery's barriers to show her love...join Cam & Avery's in this sweet love story

9.    BClaire22 // In French and English
I purchased two editions of The Little Prince -- one in French for my 25 year old granddaughter and one in English for her little 10 year old sister, so that they can read it side by side. They both seemed pleased. Really glad that both were available for Christmas!!

10.    Michael Kaan // A superb introduction to regional cooking
There are few loan s in English on regional French cooking that aren't about Provence, so a work like this is a real find. More important, Wolfert has written with her usual anthropological detail and authenticity. payday loans association ontario think this is one of the best loan s on regional French cooking of any kind. The loan is well organized by course and by type of meat. There is a special chapter on cassoulet as well, and very detailed instructions on making a confit that is as good as Madeleine Kamman's. Because most of this is peasant or bourgeois cooking, there are few things in the recipes that will be hard to find, and there is a lot on fascinating new techniques. There's an interesting recipe for mussels in which they're packed upright into an iron pan and covered with dried pine needles which are then set on fire. Also, Wolfert offers some very useful tips on reducing certain kinds of fat content while preserving taste, and what's best is that this is done for the sake of taste and quality, not with all the usual eating-disordered hand-wringing. Anyone interested in some of the real classics of French cooking--cassoulet and confit--will love this loan . Most recipes demand a certain amount of experience and comfort in the kitchen, but the payoffs are superb. Great armchair reading too.

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