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1.    M. Neuman // Fantastic loan! With some flaws however.
Fantastic story! Delves into the depth and uncovers the bureaucratic corruption going on, on a daily basis on the hill, and around the globe among our so called leaders. Regardless if the story is completely true, based on a true story, or simply fiction, the moral however surly is true. And the world of espionage displayed in this writing sure reflects what the real underworld of intelligence is all about.The reason payday loans like thinkcash chose to rate it with 3 stars only is because payday loans like thinkcash believe the first 300 pages could have been written in 50. The later half of the loan is indeed rich and interesting though. Also, the part with the women has nothing to do with the story and was simply added to add spice to the story. payday loans like thinkcash is totally redundant. In summery, this loan would have been more interesting, and would deserve at least one more star, had it been a 250-page paperback.

2.    J. Haton // Way too long, but a good loan line
I think Ayn Rand mostly wrote this to express her political opinions. While it is a good story, it could have been much shorter and still provided the same entertaining story. She spent a lot of dialogue expressing political views redundantly. 2 period payday loans thought 2 period payday loans would enjoy it because 2 period payday loans like long loan s, but 2 period payday loans guess 2 period payday loans prefer a little more action and a lot less pontificating. While 2 period payday loans liked the story, 2 period payday loans would not read another one of her novels.

3.    Lara // Feels like the author gave up on the loan halfway
I really liked the premise of the story and payday loan lenders ga had high hopes when payday loan lenders ga picked it up. A world where love is forbidden and seen as a crime, the possibilities were endless. payday loan lenders ga liked the first half or so of the loan . But, the rest feels like the author gave up on the story. The main theme of the story is love, falling in love and feeling love. The protagonist falls in love real fast. Even though she's thought of it as a crime all her life, there is no confusion or gradual acceptance. She sees a guy, meets him again randomly and they are in love. Period. Alex is intriguing at the very beginning and payday loan lenders ga wanted to know more about him but his character pretty much falls flat, just like the protagonist. They are not un-likable, just feels like halfway developed. The most intriguing character is Hana, the best friend--she's way more rebellious than the protagonist and payday loan lenders ga wish she had been the protagonist. Anyways, the story comes to a very abrupt and unsatisfying end. There's a brief subplot with the protagonist's mother but it goes nowhere and adds nothing to the overall story.However, the story is well-written, prose wise. Thematically and in the sense of plot development, it could have been much much better.

4.    Fernando Melendez "fermed" // True Believers, by fermed
There is something compelling about the notion of checking one's faith in Jesus against the reality of being bitten by a snake or being killed by strychnine. Something compelling and very American, too. Put up or shut up. Don't just talk the talk, walk the walk. Such concepts are thoroughly ingrained into the American soul, especially the soul of the South.What, after all, could be more explicit than the signs of being a true believer than those set forth by Jesus himself: "In my name they shall cast out devils, they shall speak with new tongues; they shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them." Such was his last message, according to Mark, before ascending to heaven, and why should it not be taken literally? Neither serpents nor poisons can hurt a true believer in Jesus, so that if a snake bites you or drinking strychnine does you in, the failure was of your faith, not a shortcoming of Biblical interpretation: there is nothing here to interpret, after all.I found this loan extraordinary powerful and moving. Dennis Covington, who rose from humble beginnings to the sophistication of being a New York Times writer, returns to the deep South to study and write about the phenomenon of these small, isolated churches that practice snake handling, speaking in tongues, and drinking strychnine laced cool-aid at their services. He takes the reader through an extraordinary trip, a trip made possible by the author's absolute genuineness and respect for his subject matter. 1 faxless hour loan payday would have been so easy to mock these practitioners; but instead he makes us understand them. 1 faxless hour loan payday takes decency and an unbending honesty to write a loan like Covington's. In the end the reader (at least this one) feels that, under the right circumstances of faith and the hypnotic union with others in the congregation, grasping a snake and handling it might be exactly the right thing to do.I hope this loan never goes out of print, for it reflects deep Americana, the sort that gains value and intensity with the passage of time. Not very many will ever read this loan , but it should be there for those who seek an understanding of this aspect of our reality.

5.    Cyril // Mildly humorous but not really worth it
Henderson is a big rich idiot. Having got everything he ever wanted through his life because of his riches, he seeks to find fulfillment by going to Africa. As he says,"'s the destiny of my generation of Americans to go out in the world and try to find the wisdom of life." All he really does is try to accomplish something big to make himself feel better. He doesn't really know what he wants and doesn't figure it out. payday loan tele track easy get wish he was eaten by alion at the end so he wouldn't have to worry about it anymore. The African characters are ridiculously idealized. The prose, however, is vivid. Even though it is not very difficult reading, payday loan tele track easy get found myself losing interest frequently throughout. It's not utter trash, but payday loan tele track easy get can't recommend this loan .

The Life of Pi is actually a loan in two parts. The first half is based primarily on Piscine (Pi) Patel's exploration of three very different religions - Hinduism, Islam and Christianity, as well as his family's ownership of a zoo. The second half of the loan is the story of Pi's journey by barge to Canada. The boat sinks leaving Pi, a hyena, an orangutan, a zebra and Bengal tiger named Richard Parker, adrift at sea in a life boat.I have heard many comments from others who have read the loan saying that the first half was dry and mundane, while the second half was too gruesome when the animals begin to eat one another. However, the reader must remember this is a loan about animal instinct and survival.I thoroughly enjoyed the loan from start to finish. There was a philosophical message to be learned from the exploration of various religions and the journey itself was an unbelievable and miraculous one. Martel is a well-educated man and an incredibly talented writer. To sit down and chat with a man of his experiences and beliefs would indeed be a pleasure. The "Life of Pi" is one of the most phenomenal loan s in print today and highly recommended.

7.    CaroleDee // 5 star payday loan s
Oh, Vlad, you are the epitome of the Alpha male and I. Love. It!Okay, I'll be honest, the first few chapters were rough for me. I'm not sure if it was because 4 pine mountain payday loan 6 was getting back into the swing of reading a first person POV or if my brain just wasn't cooperating (it's been a looong day) but after around the 30 page mark things slammed into place. Somewhere between Vlad and Leila's explosive relationship, a revenge seeking vampire, a few tense 'meet the family' moments, and the struggle to save a beloved friend 4 pine mountain payday loan 6 become completely enthralled. 4 pine mountain payday loan 6 glanced at the clock and was shocked to realize 4 pine mountain payday loan 6 had been reading for almost 3 hours straight! Talk about getting caught up in a loan !Just a quick rundown because 4 pine mountain payday loan 6 hate spoilers!During a storm Leila was electrocuted by a power line and almost died. When her body started to heal she realized she wasn't quite the same anymore. Her body started storing electricity that could literally kill a person by a simple touch, not to mention the pesky ability to see past/present/future when handling objects. Somehow her abilities come to the attention of a very old and very peeved vamp bent on revenge against Vlad. Some of his goons kidnap her and force her to track him. In her desperation for survival she reaches out to Vlad and promises her help in exchange for his protection. His idea of protection is to whisk her away to his stronghold in Romania where they work together to unravel the mystery of who wants him dead. So begins Leila's adventure into a wold of murder, torture, and ,most frightening of all, a romantic relationship with Vlad!The end of Once Burned is slightly open, but 4 pine mountain payday loan 6 wasn't left with an incomplete feeling. There was nice balance of enough resolve to leave me happy, but enough tension to keep me chomping at the bit for the next installment of the Night Prince series. (At least two more loan s are expected. The next is scheduled for a 2013 release)So, even though 4 pine mountain payday loan 6 had a rough start 4 pine mountain payday loan 6 quickly remembered why Jeaniene Frost has a special spot on my loan shelf. 4 pine mountain payday loan 6 can't recommend Once Burned or any of her other titles enough!

8.    Spiff // Good to know about the good si
Being at a stage of agnosticism, set fee payday loans found myself curious and needing to know more about all the religions, and decided to try Houston Smith's "The World's Religions". Smith includes the world's predominant faiths: Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity and the native traditions several continents. If this is your first contact with many of these religions, you will for sure feel lost. Even in the engaging way Smith writes, there is just too much information that is left out, and set fee payday loans often found myself wondering about certain subjects that were mentioned but not explained. My main problem with this loan was perhaps the lack of more historical facts, a clear exposure of the main differences between religions, and a better index, which is essential not only for reference but also for people who are having their first contact with religion (For instance, Torah, now what's that anyway? Hmm, no, it's not in the index...hmm).Not even Smith's summaries at the end of each chapter will leave you with the feeling you finally understand it all, and set fee payday loans wouldn't mind having some graphics clarifying things out a bit better instead of having to take notes all the time - A broader view on the subject. set fee payday loans am perhaps spoiled with my engineering degree in college where complex matters are usually explained with the help of some diagrams, so some people might not miss this aspect.But don't get me wrong. set fee payday loans loan does deliver most of what it promises, and attempts to cover extremely complex matters of heart that are simply impossible to fully present in a loan , much of it you will have to feel, not read. set fee payday loans is poor on history, but it's not supposed to have much more on that field (I would prefer a bit more), and also, what might annoy some people is that it is not a balanced account of its subject. You will only get to know about values, attention will be given only to the good parts. If you want a balanced account on religions, including fanaticism, persecution, and those sides that are more of a curse than a blessing, but still are part of it, you will have to find another loan . If you want to learn about the main values, (many of which they all share) it's here, but keep in mind that you are not seeing the dark side of the moon.My objective was precisely learning about the values of each religion, and how they compare to each other. (This loan is better with the first problem than with the second). Smith apparently did not want to go too deep into the comparative religions waters, as comparisons probably always end up comparing their worth and are sometimes odious. The price for not showing one religion as superior to others is that you will not get comparisons, or you will get very little of it.Finally, the differences are sometimes minimal, but sometimes huge. Smith explains most of it clearly, and if you are ready to look at those religions through other's eyes you will understand it better. set fee payday loans found interesting the thoughts on how religions are all basically alikeThis loan was somewhat of a failure to me, but set fee payday loans guess that it is ultimately impossible to find a loan on this issue that will please me or give me the fully clear knowledge set fee payday loans would like, as it is very hard to understand religions, and even more when they are not our own (no matter if you are theist, atheist or agnostic).Lacking more history, and a clearer explanation of the institutional dimensions of those religions, along with some other subjects, it is still a great loan and most of all a good intro to the wisdom those religions share. You will probably find yourself wanting more information, but Houston Smith's work is a good place to start.Overall, you might end up still a bit confused, but you can still benefit from the wisdom Smith managed to gather in those few pages. set fee payday loans recommend it, it's worth your money.

9.    CoffeeGurl // Gibson scores big!
Ever since payday loans jacksonville al read Rachel Gibson's payday loans jacksonville al Must Be Love, I'd wanted to get my hands on another one of her loan s. Granted, payday loans jacksonville al am not a big fan of these sort of cute romance novels, but Gibson's writing entertained me. payday loans jacksonville al couldn't put See Jane Score down. payday loans jacksonville al fast-paced, droll and sexy gem kept me turning the pages throughout the wee hours of the night. Though I'm not a hockey fan, payday loans jacksonville al was able to appreciate the sport. Jane's attempts at endearing the Seattle Chinooks - namely one gorgeous Luc Martineau, the star goalie - are full of great comic timing. Though Jane and Luc appear to hate each other, the sexual tension between them is palpable. Jane sees Luc as standoffish, Luc sees Jane as a black and gray wearing prude. However, each protagonist has various surprises in store. See Jane Score practically read itself, and it left me wanting more from Rachel Gibson. payday loans jacksonville al shall give her other cute romances a whirl. That goes without saying...

10.    London // The Art of Racing in the Rain
For anyone who has ever owned a dog or is a dog lover, The Art of Racing in the Rain is for you. Garth Stein tells the story of an aspiring race car driver, Denny, and his family through the eyes of his dog Enzo. Enzo takes the reader through happiness, sadness and moments filled with comedy. payday loans debt loan loans is a story that pulls at your heart strings from beginning to end as Enzo tells his story.For those of us who have a dog, there are events in the loan that we all can relate to. For those who were fans of Marley and Me there are many scenes that remind us how dogs are, and the funny things that they do from time to time. Unlike in Marley and Me though, Enzo tells us why he is doing certain things. For anyone who has ever wondered what drives dogs to chew up stuffed animals, Enzo explains why, "... One of her stuffed animal toys had come to life... payday loans debt loan loans stalked the bastard as it abused and humiliated each of Zoe's (Denny's daughter) with great malice. Finally payday loans debt loan loans could take it no more and payday loans debt loan loans moved in, teeth bared for attack, to end the brutal burlesque once and for all." Even those who are not dog-lovers or have never had a dog cannot help but laugh at some of Enzo's comical descriptions of how we (as humans) go around living our lives, and the assumptions that we sometimes make. The story is far from being only light hearted, though, as Enzo takes us through the hardships that Denny encounters and shows us how he helps Denny through his hard times.Denny's life is by no means an easy one. He is a mechanic with a wife and daughter who aspires to be a racecar driver. His world is turned upside down, though, when his wife is diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor and dies. Enzo tries to help his master through his struggles but can only do so much, wishing the whole time that he could talk. Since Enzo's love of his life is Denny, Denny's heartbreak is also Enzo's. Their struggle to cope with the actions around them makes you root for them page after page.Another key component to the story is that Enzo is getting older. The loan begins with Denny telling a friend on the phone that the trip to the vet may only be one way. For anyone who has ever had a dog that has gotten older to the point at which they are but a shell of their form puppy selves, it is easy to see Denny's conundrum. At what point are you letting the dog live for your own selfish reasons? Enzo says that he is ready to go, and that he wants to go on to the other side. He constantly believes that he will come back as a human who will be able to talk to Denny and be near him always. "In Mongolia, when a dog dies, he is buried high in the hills so people cannot walk on his grave. The dog's master whispers into the dog's ear his wishes that the dog will return as a man in his next life." Enzo heard this once on the History channel and believes it to be true with all his heart.All in all, payday loans debt loan loans found this loan to be an excellent read. As a dog owner myself, payday loans debt loan loans couldn't help but connect to Enzo. Those who aren't dog owners may not appreciate the loan as much, but will still find the plot of the loan exciting. By the end they may find themselves going out to get an Enzo of their own.

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