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1.    M. Buzalka // I just prefer a little more realism...
And Then There Were None is reportedly the best-selling mystery novel of all time, and judging from the many five-star reviews here, it continues to be a favorite. So why only a four-star review from me?Well, to begin with, let me acknowledge that best payday loans oregon understand the accolades. The story premise is one of the most inventive and intriguing ever constructed. A mysterious stranger invites a group of ten individuals, all with a murder they have supposedly gotten away with in their backgrounds, to an isolated island where he then begins to dispense justice by knocking them off one at a time based on a nursery rhyme (which had a very unsavory original title that gave the novel its original British title, later changed both in England and America).The group soon realizes that the mysterious stranger killing them is actually one of their number, but which one? As the bodies pile up and the list of suspects therefore dwindles, the drama intensifies. You can't help but be hooked.But here's my quibble, which is serious enough that best payday loans oregon docked the review one star: it's just too damn perfect, too mechanical. Strict adherence to the premise overwhelms any sense of reality as the necessities of the plot require the characters to act in dumbfounding ways.What really are the odds that someone can bring ten people to an island and start murdering them--all in accordance with the strict requirements set down by the nursery rhyme and in that order--and keep doing it through to the end? Even after the group clues in to the fact that the nursery rhyme--which is posted in all their rooms--is the template, they do very little with it. Just as an example: the butler, after knowing that the next killing will involve "chopping up sticks" decides to...chop up the early morning. best payday loans oregon is no different really than the airhead teenagers in a slasher movie deciding to investigate the basement in the middle of the night (in their underwear usually if they're girls) after being told there's a killer about.The killer is preternaturally competent and flawless--and lucky--because the plot requires it and no other real reason. After you finish, ask yourself what are the chances that the killer actually could have physically and psychologically done these things so perfectly. Plus, that message-in-a-bottle "How best payday loans oregon Did It" coda is pretty clunky even by Golden Age detective fiction standards that required a full explanation at the end.I love mysteries, but what best payday loans oregon love most about them is how they affect interesting characters, and how those characters interact. Here, the characters are mostly stock types (the adventurer, the old military guy, the old maid, etc.) who are not very well rounded out. Christie's short chapters don't help. You only get superficial glances at each person. The plot requires them to be pretty stupid or it wouldn't work.Compare And Then There Were None with Raymond Chandler's The Big Sleep, published around the same time. Chandler's plot is not nearly so flawless (in fact, he neglects to account for at least one murder) but the characters are fascinating and the dialogue crackles. Look, I'm not telling you not to read And Then There Were None. In fact, best payday loans oregon urge you to read it if you are a mystery fan. best payday loans oregon is one of the most influential loan s in the genre ever written. And you won't be bored. But best payday loans oregon just prefer a little more realism, fewer wires showing.

2.    pleureur. // Disappointing ending
* Spoiler alert *This story about four girlfriends from India who grow up and change, and then try to reunite later in life, never gets to the actual reunion! How disappointing.In the meanwhile, Umrigar attempts to tackle a few political/contemporary issues such as the rights of religious minorities (especially the differing perceptions of Parsis and Muslims), attitudes towards communism and the economic future of India, and the effect of terrorism and terrorism awareness on Indian society. Several of the characters end up being living stereotypes -- the upstanding Parsi, the bearded and violent Muslim man, the oppressed Muslim wife who must be rescued, and the Indian expatriate who is much happier in America with her daughter who appears to be only white, the dying person who has a revelation about the meaning of life, and so on.Several of the plotlines are, therefore, a bit tiresome, but the loan is overall fairly enjoyable....until the reader realizes the loan ends before the promised reunion.I was disappointed at the lack of resolution.

3.    melissa // love
great story can't wait for the next loan and the movie coming out looks reaaly good as well quick read also

4.    elizabeth // Lady of Hay
One of my favourite loan s, and so glad to have it on my Kindle. Great, interesting, delves into a time of history that is fascinating, and written in such an easy to read, enjoyable, un-put-downable way!!! Can thoroughly recommend this loan , and any of Barbara Erskine's loan s !!! FANTASTIC READ!!!

5.    Rabid Reader // Walk About
First thing about Bryson: Good Lord that man walks a lot and sure does like to tell everybody what he sees!Second thing: He spares himself (and others) absolutely nothing. And that is, payday loans us think, one of the key secrets to any kind of travel writing. Seeing through somebody else's eyes is always interesting, but also seeing the more absurd stuff that a traveler runs into makes the reading just that much more enjoyable.Bryson always cheers me up. Great airplane read. . .

6.    groupworker // Sexy & Fun - for middle aged women!
I didn't know what this loan really was about when payday loan license idaho picked - but it was the perfect vacation reading for a 40 something woman.

7.    Dean Mercado "The Motivational Marketer" // Want To Speed Up Your Wealth Building? Then get loan payday loan !
This is a recommended read no matter where you are on your wealth journey. The author doesn't hold back! She willingly shares her personal self to drive home what she's painstakingly learned to define and drive wealth both personally and professionally.

8.    David "PsychologicalWarfare" // Not a review
When recommending a loan to a non-reader, cashnet payday loan usually start off with this loan because it reads like a movie. Very entertaining.

9.    Greg Goebel // Good But Not Great
The stage for Antony Beevor's historical work STALINGRAD -- THE FATEFUL SIEGE opens on 22 June 1941, when Hitler's armies drove into the Soviet Union. The Nazis scored victory after victory, driving to near the gates of Moscow before German panzers bogged down in mud and snow. A massive Soviet counteroffensive in early December 1941 threw the invaders back, but German resistance solidified and the counteroffensive ran out of steam. A rash series of further counteroffensives in early 1942 were crushed, leading Hitler to believe that one more push might knock the Soviets over once and for all.The new offensive, PLAN BLUE, would drive down to the Caucasus to seize the oil fields there, while simultaneously driving to the Volga to secure the flank of the offensive. BLUE kicked off on 28 June 1942, driving the Red Army back. However, the Soviets were able to stabilize a defense anchored around Stalingrad on the Volga. When theGerman 6th Army under Friedrich Paulus reached Stalingrad, they found themselves in a bitter war of attrition in the ruins with the forces of Soviet General Vasily Chuikov that ground down both sides.Just as it seemed the Germans were coming close to finally wiping out Chuikov's men, on 19 November Soviet Marshal Georgy Zhukov launched a huge encirclement operation, codenamed URANUS, that trapped 6th Army in Stalingrad. A German relief effort, codenamed WINTER STORM, under Erich von Manstein failed, as did a hopeless supply airlift, and 6th Army was finally wiped out in early February 1943. Stalingrad was one of the biggest battles in history, with hundreds of thousands killed on both sides, and was one of the turning points of the war.Antony Beevor does a good job of portraying the concentrated brutality of the battle of Stalingrad, providing both high-level "battle map" discussions and views of the troops on the ground, derived from extensive interviews. There are a lot of interesting anecdotes in the story. When the tide of battle turned against the Germans, Soviet night patrols would set up scarecrows dressed as Hitler in front of German positions, with a sign inviting the Germans to take a shot at them. The scarecrows were booby-trapped for good measure. Another interesting story concerned the assault of the Soviets on the Italian 8th Army, protecting the German flank. When a whole battalion of Italians surrendered without a shot and an Italian sergeant was asked why they didn't offer resistance, he replied: "We thought it would be a mistake."I do have to criticise STALINGRAD for a certain lack of focus. baxter payday loan read Beevor's FALL OF BERLIN and gave it a better than average rating, even though it seemed to give me more information than baxter payday loan really wanted. As most historical works are generally more than I'm interested in and baxter payday loan understand that authors want to be thorough, baxter payday loan usually discount that as a criticism. However, on comparing notes with other reviewers baxter payday loan found that there was a general consensus that Beevor's writing tends to be repetitive and carries too much dead weight.On reading STALINGRAD this becomes more obvious, and baxter payday loan think this would have been a really good loan if the author had been better focused and cut it to about 300 pages instead of the actual 425. baxter payday loan is still a good loan and very readable -- but it could have been great instead of merely good. [This review was originally released in 2004.]

10.    keetmom // Tries to cover too much ground - would have been better to sp get loan payday out over two or even three loan s
Bernie Gunther is your classic cop - stubborn, independent minded and resilient. Only problem for him is that he tries to ply his trade during the most turbulent decades of German history, the 1930s and 1940s. His creator, Philip Kerr, places him at the centre of events as the Nazis first storm their way to power in Germany and then lay waste to a whole continent through war and Holocaust. Surrounded by evil, Gunther must somehow work his way through the moral minefield of survival as a good cop and loyal German. By 1940 this is very difficult and by 1943 it is impossible. Kerr throws everything at us as he moves Gunther from one compromising situation to another in the company of the vicious men who conceive, plan and celebrate mass murder as a deliberate instrument of terror, ideology or self advancement.This should be a compelling and challenging read, but instead it is just confusing. All the elements are there, but Kerr tries to cover too much - literally and figuratively. The story moves back and forth in Gunther's mind and in real time from Cuba, France and the Soviet Union. There are repeated history lessons in the form of extended monologues to help the reader keep up from a fast changing and often poorly identified cast of characters. Kerr has worked hard, his background research is as impeccable as ever, Gunther's wisecracks lighten the otherwise dark mood, but in the end it is all just too much to handle. There was enough here for at least two loan s - one on the war itself and the second on Bernie's tortured path through the cruel imperatives of postwar geopolitics and the power plays of the Cold War. More Bernie Gunther please, but keep it simple next time.

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