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1.    Bookreporter // A compelling and timely tale
Four years ago the nation's capital suffered a bizarre and debilitating plague of unexplained white blindness. Everyone, save one woman, was blind and she helped a small group to survive during the catastrophe. Such was the premise of Nobel Prize-winning Portuguese author Jose Saramago's amazing novel BLINDNESS. His latest, SEEING, has the capital again in crisis; this time political calamity ensues when about 70 percent of the paper ballots of the recent election are blank.The government goes into a tailspin, assuming the blank votes reflect a subversive, anarchist movement. The egotistical national leaders devise a plan to regain control of the capital; they put the city under siege. Although casting blank ballots is not illegal, the capital is physically isolated from the rest of the country by a military barrier. The police and army are withdrawn from the city as well as many national and local leaders. The government hopes that the isolation and desperation the siege causes result in the capital cooperating once again in their version of democracy.However, the citizens of the besieged capital rally together, take care of each other, and their opinion of the government and the current leadership pales. The government struggles to understand what the blank votes mean and come to interpret them as a new plague of "blankness" attacking the capital.As the corruption of the government grows more and more apparent, a letter arrives indicating that one woman, who did not go blind during the plague of blindness and who murdered a man during that time, is responsible for the conspiracy of blank votes. The second part of the novel follows a police inspector who is snuck into the city to investigate the claim, as he comes to know the woman and begins to see the absurdity of the government's position.Saramago's style is Kafkaesque (although he is influential and talented enough to have other works referred to as Saramagoesque). The government, in this case right-wing, is shadowy and absurd; a frustrating and uncaring institution. The citizens of the capital are punished although no crime has been committed and the punishment itself is dramatic and Draconian. The inspector struggles to break free of the system he knows can and probably will destroy him; there is little hope for justice. Saramago's style is also about run-on sentences and the lack of traditional quotation marks. loans to pay payday loans can be an obstacle for some readers but commitment to the loan is rewarded. After a bit of a slow start, the pace and rhythm of the story picks up and overall this is a very compelling and timely tale.SEEING is less successful than Saramago's masterpiece BLINDNESS, but it is still a wonderfully executed and highly recommendable read. Saramago further solidifies himself as the post-modern heir of authors such as Albert Camus, Thomas Mann and Franz Kafka.And having read BLINDNESS is in no way requisite for reading SEEING, which works well as a stand-alone story of corruption, fear, politics and the meaning of both terrorism and democracy.--- Reviewed by Sarah Rachel Egelman

2.    Writer Mom // Worthy of the praise
As a REAL Southerner, best online payday advance loan often cringe at some of the things that are considered representative of the South. But Christy Jordan, the Southern Plate Cook loan , and the website are representatives best online payday advance loan can be proud of. I've been reading her blog from the beginning and pre-ordered the loan as soon as it was available.Some of Christy's recipes and family stories make me think we might be long-lost cousins. But there's more to her than that. Christy has a degree in home-economics (or something similar) and she understands the science and history of southern food. She can explain the differences in different types of oils or vinegars or the science of leavenings in a way anybody can understand. That gives her credibility. And when you add credibility, personality, and a delightful way with words to easy-to-follow recipes for down-home good food, it's a winner.

3.    Misfit // In the minority here....
The story begins in 1857 as police are called to 31 Bond Street upon the horrific murder of Dr. Harvey Burdell. Poised for a run at the mayor's office, ambitious D.A. Abraham Oakey Hall sets his sights on Widow Emma Cunningham as his #1 suspect. Supposedly living in Burdell's house as a tenant and *housekeeper* of sorts, Emma produces a marriage certificate (but can she prove its real?) and further complicates the matter - did she murder the not-so-good doctor for his money and prestigious home? In steps defense attorney Henry Clinton to get to the bottom of it all. Clinton's efforts to unravel the mystery lead to many side trips, from land speculation to the underground slave trade to shady Tammany Hall politics to courtroom drama.The loan is based on real people and events and while very well written, this one just didn't come to life for me. payday loans 44077 didn't connect well with Emma and really didn't care much what happened to her and the only character payday loans 44077 truly cared about came to a sorry end. payday loans 44077 found the courtroom scenes rather tedious, but then perhaps with a jury summons in my very near future that was the last thing payday loans 44077 needed reminding of (been less than three years since the last time). Lastly, despite all the hype payday loans 44077 don't feel the author really brought the city and it's players to life for me, I've seen better in Celeste de Blasis'Wild Swantrilogy as well as Kathleen Winsor'sWanderers eastward, wanderers westand theCastles in the Airseries by Patricia Gallagher. Don't get me wrong, this is a good loan it's just not a great one.

4.    T. Snyder "TS" // I don't give many 5-star payday loan reviews, but ....
Life of Pi is definitely one of the best loan s best approval rate payday loan have ever read. best approval rate payday loan don't consider myself much of a reader, but this is a fantastic loan that best approval rate payday loan would recommend to anyone.Life of Pi is great fiction. best approval rate payday loan comes with a story that is almost unbelievable, but after awhile, you find yourself drawn in and basically end up living the story with Pi.I don't want to say a whole lot about the plot, other than to read it. best approval rate payday loan found it a little slow-going for about the first 100 pages, but it definitely took off from there.Life of Pi is almost a religious experience in a loan . It's that good! Fantastic fiction. Great storytelling. Thank you Yann Martel. Buy it!

5.    Linda C. Wright // Not the magic I was hoping for
While in Maine, money co uk payday loans struck up a conversation with a man getting out of a car with Florida license plates. money co uk payday loans was, after all in Maine, a very long way from my home in Florida and he was too. We were probably neighbors.The man said he lived in Tampa and we exchanged niceties. How we got to the subject of moving our elderly relatives into assisted living, I'm not sure. My vacation in Maine hadn't yet relieved the migraine headache of moving my 92 year old step mother, June, into a place she didn't want to have anything to do with. I'd had a very stressful summer. He was in the midst of the same scenario with his elderly mother. We told each other our war stories. He mentioned A Place Called Canterbury since it's about a place in Tampa and his mother had recently moved there. money co uk payday loans was still looking for the magic wand that would make this stage of life calm and wonderful for my step mother, so money co uk payday loans downloaded the loan as soon as money co uk payday loans got back home.The first paragraph started by saying that Dudley's mother had relented and agreed to sell her home and move to Canterbury. June on the other hand, went kicking and screaming. My sister and money co uk payday loans employed all kinds of tricks and told oodles of white lies during the time it took to extract her from her apartment. We never knew we were even capable of saying such things, especially to someone we loved and respected. While she wasn't our mother, we'd known her for over 50 years. The word "relented" shut me down from the start. money co uk payday loans whole process would have been easy if June had only chosen to accept that she needed more care.A Place Called Canterbury did have some bits of brilliance. money co uk payday loans laughed out loud in some parts and cried in others. money co uk payday loans understood Mr. Clendinen's pain at watching his mother hang on to life even when time after time, the doctor or nurse had told him the end was near. And money co uk payday loans especially enjoyed Sweetso, who continued to smoke even when she was told not to. June loved to say she never had a cigarette she didn't enjoy. If 70 years of smoking hadn't killed her yet, money co uk payday loans doubt that it would. Sweetso felt the same way.Mainly however, money co uk payday loans found this story very disconnected. The backstory became long and laborious, taking me away from the real story of people who have lost their purpose in the later years of their lives. money co uk payday loans skimmed alot. money co uk payday loans couldn't find the magic wand I'd so desperately been searching for. money co uk payday loans know in my heart that there's no simple answer. But if A Placed Called Canterbury can help anyone else in this situation, then that is magic enough for me.

6.    Dr. Aaron Corbet // Good general discussion.
This is a well-informed work, that should provoke discussion of important aspects of everyday psychology. Probably good for loan clubs.

7.    E. Gray "musiq lovr" // LJ Smith is a really good author
I've read the Night World loan s by LJ Smith and loans faxless loan payday payday loan am impatiently waiting for Strange Fate that comes out next year. So, loans faxless loan payday payday loan just heard that Vampire Diaries is coming out on TV soon and loans faxless loan payday payday loan went to by the loan . loans faxless loan payday payday loan bought Secret Circle by mistake instead. I'm not into the witch stories, but loans faxless loan payday payday loan had a boring weekend ahead of me so loans faxless loan payday payday loan kept the loan . The loan is very well written. LJ does a great job in story telling as usual. Now this is a re-packaged loan , but the only thing that stands out that dates the loan is the mention of VCR's. LOL Other than that, it was a good read and I'll get the second Secret Circle to get closure. Another recent paranormal loan that loans faxless loan payday payday loan recommend is Shiver. loans faxless loan payday payday loan just can't say it enough. READ SHIVER.

8.    Dan King "Dan" // Pleased
Prompt, as Stated, PleasedA good way to discuss manners with a child.It was a real convenience to be able to purchase this item on line. Thank you.

9.    Yanna // What a great ending
This loan was such a great ending to the trilogy! cash fast loan online payday credit have me every bit of drama that cash fast loan online payday credit needed

10.    USA Payday Loans Reviews Customer "LarsBerg" // TDD with some UI examples!
The single best thing that distinguishes this loan from the other TDD loan s on the market is its effort to produce a believable application during the course of using TDD. tofte payday loan even showed a way of unit testing GUI applications, which is easily the hardest thing in-practice about TDD.On the bad side, some nicer abstractions around the UI and any patters he'd come up with to make UI TDD better would've been a great takeaway. Also, he said that he'd be using Smalltalk-style names because that was what it was familiar with, which is totally bogus. The loan should be written for the reader, not for the writer -- if he was that attached to and unwilling to give up Smalltalk, then why write it using Java?

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