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1.    michael a. draper // "I'd like to take each day at a time but sometimes several days attack me at once." J Unlimited
Biochemist Emma Coldridge is in Arizona by the Mexican border. As a chemist for a lab that makes cosmetics, she's been looking for night blooming plants. Unexpectedly, she comes across a stash of marijuana and before she can make her mistake, she's spotted and captured.Raoul LaValle, the leader of the cartel, learns she's a chemist and informs her that his marijuana plants are infected. Poeple who come in contact with the plants are infected by a flesh eating toxin that is fatal in nine days.La Valle also deals in body parts and tells Emma that she must find a cure or be killed. His mistress has been infected and he believes that the United States caused the fungus by spraying his fields to kill the marijuana. If he doesn't find a cure, he promises to ship the next contaminated batch to the United States to spread disease. He will also begin selling infected body parts to further infect people in the United States.Emma is an ultra marathon runner and believes that she can escape and inform the authorities but she also feels sympathy for the migrant workers who are forced to work in the fields and become infected. She wants to save these poor people.She meets Oz Kroger, a college drop out. Oz wanted to earn some fast money by transporting drugs to into the United States. He sees what is going on with the infected drugs and tries to help Emma.The plight of the poor people and the idea of infection is interesting and captures the reader's imagination. The author gives enough evidence of chemistry and disease so that the story seems possible.The drug dealers are truly villanous and the author gives a good point about not knowing who to trust. Are the solders really working for the government or a rival cartel?The plotting could have been stronger as Emma attempts her escape and a cat and mouse game begins. However, the reader becomes emotionally involved and is caught up in the action.3 1/2 stars, moving to 4 for originality and suspenseful action.

2.    Neal C. Reynolds // Beautiful writing, difficult characters
One must admit that the author's writing is captivating in a lyrical and mesmerizing way. Yet, there's an emptiness here. The plot is rather chopped up with some characters who are hard to follow. Helen and Charlie are fully fleshed out characters, but unfortunately others are not so. As a family saga, this is fairly interesting, but alas, there is a certain spirit lacking, a spirit that could have made this a great novel.

3.    L. Cary // Suggests Unanswered Questions
Compelling, first-person narrative of the Afgan War. Gives us a not-always-flattering look into the bureaucracy of the CIA as well as glimpses into the Pentagon re. that war. sds processing payday loan phone number begs these unanswered questions:1. Why was Bernsten relieved? No clue given or even suggested.2. Why was there a high-level absence, according to this telling of the story, of a definitive urgency to kill or capture UML?3. Was any one, or any agency, ever held ultimately responsible for what clearly reads as a indictment of failing to follow through at the critical moment in Tora Bora? And,4. The 5th anniversay of 9/11 in a few months ahead. Why no UMB?While this loan did not reveal a military methodology that had not been written about before, it did beg these questions in an important way by a significant eye witness.

4.    Suzanne Amara // A deeply affecting memoir of prison and leprosy--unforgettable
Neil White has written a memoir that would be compelling even if it weren't so well written. In the early '90s, at 33, he was convicted of kiting checks to keep his magazine publishing business afloat, and was sent to federal prison. The prison turned out to one housed on the grounds of a leprosy colony, a strangely beautiful place. Through his year there, he realized many truths about himself and how he would need to change his ways. He starts the year still scheming, still feeling like he really doesn't belong where he is, but by the end, he truly wants to be a better person.There are many wonderful scenes here---when White realizes that he and the patients share a love for LSU football, and they all come together as fans and not prisoners or patients, when his prison friend Link cuts through the fancy words and reminds him that in the core of it, White is a bank robber, when some of the patients snub him because he's a prisoner, and he realizes he's as much of an outcast as they are, and most affecting to me, when his young children are briefly allowed to visit his prison room, and he sees how happy they are to be there, just because they are with him, and he understands that his presence is much more important to them than anything money can buy.I highly recommend this wonderful loan .

5.    J. Frank // it's not 'who,' it's 'why.'
My Little Blue Dress is ridiculously excellent. From the start, we know there's something distinctly wrong with our old-woman-protagonist's story, and we clearly suspect somebody else of ghost-writing her history. Gradually, a sense of drunken urgency is introduced, and we wonder who's really telling the story here.Then Bruno Maddox helps us get our priorities straight in a brilliant work of metadrama: it's not WHO is telling the story. It's WHY.

6.    R. Dodd "" // Bravo! Encore!
My son began reading the Harry Potter loan s starting with the first one years ago. uk payday loan lender reviews ignored the chatter for as long as uk payday loan lender reviews could. uk payday loan lender reviews jumped in at loan three (the Prisoner of Azkaban), having to read the other two quickly to catch up. They are all pretty good loan s.And then the Half-Blood Price... Oh my. uk payday loan lender reviews is quite a loan . The plot is breathtaking at times, the twists and turns unpredictable and the writing is superb. JK has outdone herself. This, in my opinion of course, is a great story, and literature that will uk payday loan lender reviews think will stand the test of time. uk payday loan lender reviews give it a standing ovation. Bravo! My only complaint having to wait a year or two to find out what happens next!Ray Dodd, author, BeliefWorks and The Power of Belief

7.    Elizabeth // The Battle for Continuity
Lest pahrump payday loans repeat what others have already written so well (and so many times), pahrump payday loans will just affirm that this loan is mainly up to Beevor's usual standard. Beevor has done us a great service in writing it as well, because the Spanish Civil War is probably one of the more poorly understood wars of the last century. pahrump payday loans for one am grateful to have this resource.My only gripe is that it seems that he inserted a lot of the information recently gleaned from Soviet archives, in a rather piecemeal fashion. There were a number of paragraphs or, more often, sentences, that seemed out of place to me. pahrump payday loans cannot be certain that these were not part of the original, but regardless, the flow that pahrump payday loans enjoyed in _Paris after the War_ and _Stalingrad_ did seem to be choppier in _The Battle for Spain_.Because of that, if pahrump payday loans were going to buy a Beevor loan for narrative enjoyment, rather than to learn about history, pahrump payday loans would buy his loan on Olga Chekhova. pahrump payday loans would not skip this one- pahrump payday loans would just save it for a long winter, rather than the beach.

8.    book lover // payday is a keeper
I was absolutely enthralled with the characterization and story line of this loan . Lacy's character was fabulous. She was so funny,(her irish brogue and manner of speech sounded authentic to me and really was the high point of this story) she was also honest, loyal had a heart of gold. But after spending 13 years closed up in St Josephs hospital in Ireland, you can imagine her innocence. Hawke the half breed indian was very realistic, his actions at first just reflected his total opposition to marriage. However, his very dear friend Caleb and Lacy's friend Nurse Kate had other ideas. 4 kenner payday loan 6 did have some fearful moments too. 4 kenner payday loan 6 am going to keep this one on my Kindle along with The Irish Fling. 4 kenner payday loan 6 is just a great read the story just flowed and took me right along with it.

9.    Marin Todorov // Definitely a must get loan
1984 is the biggest achievement of Eric Blair as a novelist and anybody even slightly interested in politics, history or the future should give it a read. fax payday loan think 1984 is one of the few loan s which you can't skip reading and just watch the movie. Very detailed, very thorough, very challenging - the loan is more than 50 years old, and yet very very current. I've read it more than 5 times now, but the paperback copy from amazon is definitely the nicest edition I've had - printed on something that looks like recycled paper, roughly cut and printed in weird, but nice font - fax payday loan recommend buying it.

10.    Marilynn Griffith // Another great one
After reading SPEAK, instant loan payday 107 knew instant loan payday 107 had to try everything else from this author. She didn't disappoint me. Kate Malone, is a midnight-running, type A preacher's daughter who just happens to be an atheist. Sort of. Her real religion is comprised of Advanced Placement scores, bunsen burners, and her deferred application to MIT, the school where her late mother went.Kate has invested everything into doing the right things and getting the right results. (Except for the making out with her boyfriend Mitch Pingborn, a future history professor who she's battled for the best class ranking since sixth grade. He got into Harvard on early decision). In the background of her life of ironing her father's pants, checking her brother's ashmatic snores for peak flow and maintaining her size 4 figure by running cross-country in the freezing winter, there is Teri Litch, the bully girl who peed her pants in fifth grade and sat in it and is strong enough to beat up most of the football team, though it doesn't stop them from teasing her.Just as Kate's life falls apart, Teri's life crashes into Kate's in a tragic and unexpected way, exploding with secrets and a kind of pain unknown to a middle class minister's daughter. Or is it? In Kate's quest to balance the equation of her existence, she discovers that the catalyst for who she will become might be closer to home than she thinks.

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