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1.    Giordano Bruno // The Declaration of Independence ...
... of the individual, of individual self-consciousness. That's the "sense" -- proprioception -- implied in Dante Alighieri's The New Life, written circa 1293 when the poet was about 25 years old. no faxing payday loans no direct know it's a brash assertion, but no faxing payday loans no direct take La Vita Nuova to be the founding document of 'modern' literature. Dante himself declared as much in asserting the novelty of writing in 'spoken' language, i.e. Italian, rather than 'written' language, Latin, and scholars have always credited him with initiating Italian as a poetic language. Trouveres and troubadours had been writing their intricate fixed-form lais and ballades, in Provenal and French, for decades previously, but Dante had something more in mind. La Vita Nuova included his youthful sonnets and canzone, replete with formulaic chivalry, in La Vita Nuova, and then he did something revolutionary: he reflected upon himself in the act of creation. Each of the poems is set in a double context of prose, one part analyzing the 'poetics' as such, the mechanics of versifying, and the other depicting the poet's state of mind when he wrote, in the context of the events of his mortal life. That alone was novel enough, no faxing payday loans no direct think, to justify regarding La Vita Nuova as 'the birth of the modern'.Paradoxically, for most people in the 21st C, Dante would be the epitome of Medievalism, the last verbose shudder of the Dark Ages. Well, yes, there's plenty that's quaint in La Vita Nuova, especially in this 1861 translation with its deliberately archaic syntax and vocabulary. Dante's 'defensiveness' about personifying Love -- in the philosophical terms of his time, an 'essence' rather than a 'substance' -- will seem like a moot question to most modern readers, and his obsession with numerology, with the number 9, will perplex us gravely. no faxing payday loans no direct may help to know that Dante was far less venerated in the centuries from 1300 to 1600 than in ours, and far less read than Petrarch. no faxing payday loans no direct was a shock to his audience when the late 16th C madrigalist Luca Marenzio set sonnets by Dante to the most daringly expressive chromatic music. Dante was never totally forgotten, of course, but it was German and English 19th C Romanticism that elevated him to literary Godhead. no faxing payday loans no direct translation, by the appropriately named Dante Gabriel Rossetti, played a large role in the shift in cultural taste in Europe, from the classicism of the Enlightenment to the neo-Medievalism of Rossetti's Pre-Raphaelites and of Richard Wagner. That historical 'hinge' is the only reason no faxing payday loans no direct could offer for choosing Rossetti's translation instead of the many more fluent versions that have followed. The Dover Thrift price is attractive, naturally, but Dover also publishes a bilingual "La Vita Nuova" for just a couple bucks more.

2.    Sci/Fi Lover // The Divergent series was great...including payday one.
This entire series was excellent. The ending was unexpected to me. credit options and not payday loan would be interested to know what others thought of the ending.

3.    Gary Kolb // Anti-war novel at its finest!
A group of my friends went to Stockton State College to see a theater presentation of Catch-22. We all decided to reread the novel;all of us had read the loan in high school english.The times have changed. There is a very pro military culture in the United States today. payday loan paper check think Heller's satire is probably closer to the truth about the efficiency of the military. The people who 'liberated' Iraq will be postal workers in about ten years. And not very good ones either.There are good wars that must be fought, one must concede. Most of the time,however, it is just male ego and ambition run amok. You might say, what if everyone felt that way?Then I'd be a damned fool to feel otherwise.

4.    Cal Engime // Brief and authoritative
Like its title, this 200-page biography is simple and to-the-point. Unmarred by florid prose, dramatic metaphors, Freudian psychoanalysis, pure speculation, or a political agenda, it presents a thoroughly mainstream picture of one of America's most important and fascinating statesmen, with coverage of important contemporary events not directly involving Jefferson kept to a bare minimum.Many Americans today idolise Jefferson, and unfortunately, this has produced a tendency to mould him into the idol we wish him to be, exemplified by a recent travesty of history devoted to denying Jefferson's well-documented views on race and religion. R. B. Bernstein, on the other hand, sticks closely to the facts throughout his loan , generally refraining from praise or blame of his brilliant, but human subject--though he doesn't hesitate to report the reasons Jefferson's contemporaries found him such a polarising figure. Jefferson's clearly expressed racist views are covered frankly, but his efforts to rein in slavery (alas, all too feeble) are not ignored either.But integrity payday loan login don't mean to suggest that the loan is preoccupied with controversies over race and religion; such things are given the space they deserve, but do not overshadow Jefferson's distinguished career in public service (which he was always trying to quit), his lifelong passion for learning and culture, or his work to spread the light of liberty and reason. Jefferson's whole career is covered with all its missteps, indiscretions, and conflicts between ideals and practice.In a way, Bernstein's honesty makes the loan only more flattering to Jefferson--he doesn't have to descend to hagiography to leave the reader with the impression that Jefferson's virtues well outweigh his faults. The loan doesn't strive to offer a huge amount of detail or unique insight, so it likely won't add much if you've already read a thicker biography of Jefferson (such asThomas Jefferson and the New NationorIn Pursuit of Reason), but a better introduction or refresher is hard to imagine.

5.    salburkles "sal" // A slice of life
This loan , like the others in the series, reflect how hard life was for the poor and underprivileged. At the beginning of the 20th century & well into the 1980's, poverty was considered a real crime. Without overt sentimentality, this author paints a picture of how hard life was for prior generations which few young people would grasp today. snowmass village payday loan should be compulsoryreading

6.    Joe Guide // A Good get loan ....
I enjoyed: MISSION at NUREMBERG as payday loan underwriting software am a Chaplain who retired after thirty years of service; however, let me say right here, and now that payday loan underwriting software would not have wanted to been assigned as one of the Chaplain's to the Nazi prisoners at Nuremberg. Being a German speaker, and a Lutheran was important for the selection of Chaplain Henry Gericke's assignment to the war criminals at Nuremberg. payday loan underwriting software is a extremely difficult assignment for any chaplain, especially a country parson, was a humble chaplain who served throughout WWII.The author does a very good review of Pastor Gerecke personal history, prior to this assignment, which is simply: to minister to the spiritual needs of all the Nazi Prisoners of Nuremberg. payday loan underwriting software had read some of Chaplain Gericke's and the Roman Catholic Chaplain's personal comments regarding their assignment to the prisoner's in Nuremberg in the late 1980's which can be found in the multi volume set of loan , entitled: HISTORY OF THE US ARMY CHAPLAIN CORPS.As a Chaplain, we minister to all people we are assigned to; regardless of the people's faith, or lack of faith, or what they had done in their past. payday loan underwriting software is most interesting to know that Chaplain Gericke's personal faith, and integrity allowed him to minister to these individuals, more so that the R.C. Chaplain. payday loan underwriting software is also interesting that Chaplain Gericke worked in the Federal Prison system as a Chaplain after the War.There will be some historians, who will not doubt wish to read this loan , in order to see if there is "any remorse" shown or discussed by any of these Nazi leaders who tryed to destroy nations, peoples, cities, armies. That is certainly what a lot of individual's were hoping to see in a loan such as this. payday loan underwriting software think that all who read this loan , will enjoy reading about the Chaplain's experiences, and especially his personal comments regarding various individuals.The real strength of this loan , is in the stories of the daily interactions between Gerecke and those prisoners along with various background and data that attempts to broaden the reader's perception of each prisoner. payday loan underwriting software personally gave it three stars.

7.    B. Siemens // A compelling family epic
The way that Herman Wouk winds tangential stories from the family and friends of Victor Henry, the main character, is highly compelling. His inclusion of a purported work of history, which on its own offers questions about how we interpret history, as written by a Nazi officer and translated by Victor Henry is brilliant. payday loans long term will continue to ponder the picture of the Axis as a chimera, as described in the work of history.

8.    G.Stephens // Fantastic
Ms. Gruen has crafted an intriguing plot with complex, well-rounded characters. She's done her research on life in the circus in the early 20th century, and it shows in her beautifully textured scenes. The love triangle was a nice bonus. Water For Elephants captivated me from beginning to end.

9.    Rolf Dobelli "getAbstract" // Powerful positive predictions raise hope and blast those recessionary blues
This iconoclastic, deeply informed loan by economist Philip E. Auerswald contests conventional pessimistic thinking on some big issues - from recession to global warming - facing humanity in general and business and government in particular. He says the solutions lie in the millions of people who are rising up from economic exclusion to become entrepreneurs. Writing - sometimes with a dash of humor - from the unrepentant point of view of an economist, Auerswald uses a rigorous theoretical economic framework and compelling case histories to set his loan apart from other arguments for confidence about the future. He combines scholarship about everyone from Adam Smith to Joseph Schumpeter with personal anecdotes about his development and the evolution of his thinking about the future. Occasionally, the personal jars a little with the grand theory. Auerswald is the first to note his loan 's obvious flaw: the lack of a detailed plan to achieve the rosy outcomes he predicts. A more disciplined focus and fewer argumentative swerves might have paid dividends. He offers an approach to solving intractable problems, rather than the solution itself, but getAbstract finds his realistic reticence and his optimism worthy of respect.

10.    J. Eric Schonblom "anobium" // A Change from Brother Cadfael
Those looking for a reincarnation of Ellis Peters must wait a little longer. What "Dissolution" has in common with the Brother Cadfael series are monastery murders. The resemblance stops there. The historic periods are, of course, quite different, but the larger contrasts lie in the gritty, noisome atmosphere that pervades Sansom's Shardsea monastery, as opposed to the peaceful, productive life of Peters' brothers at Shrewsbury. The religious speech in "Dissolution" is largely cant, whether voiced by the worldly monks or by their opponents in King Henry's corrupt administration. There is cant aplenty in Peters, but it is balanced by some genuine piety (and a few miracles). Sansom provides fanaticism, but little genuine faith. Some 16th century heartfelt conviction would have provided welcome balance to the 21st century political correctness.Sansom's young couple, Mark and Alice, resemble similar couples in the Shrewsbury tales, both in their attractiveness and in their centrality to the plot. Peters' couples, with rare exceptions, do not return in subsequent loan s, but Mark and Alice seem destined to return.I enjoyed the mystery, but--being vague to avoid spoilers--there is an inherent unlikelihood that persons present at events that occurred in London prior to the novel's beginning would have come coincidentally to Shardsea later. Peters could have cited providence, but there is little evidence that Sansom believes in providence.Sansom writes well, provides some depth to his characters, and draws us convincingly into his historical period. payday loan tips net look forward to the further adventures of Matthew Shardlake.

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