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1.    Julie Austin // makes you think
This is a great piece of work and a introspective look at the insidious nature of compromise. Something that we are all subject to but rarely aware of.

2.    carl korn // unforgettable movie and loan
I recently saw the movie, and wondered how well it had been adapted from the loan . The loan was gripping. same day payday loans direct lenders uk thought about its content on many levels. Ang Lee, the director of the movie, did the loan justice.

3.    Editor, SFHR // What is the particular pleasure Zinn affords to many?
I remember my delight, at 21, reading Zinn. purpose cash payday loan suspected it was a bit paranoid (America the worst country ever? Really?) but Zinn was as angry and rebellious as purpose cash payday loan liked to think purpose cash payday loan was. Nearly all of my professors were hard leftists, even back then, but Zinn gave me the thrilling feeling that purpose cash payday loan was reading something secret, illicit-- Zinn and purpose cash payday loan were Rebels. Also purpose cash payday loan was an English major, knew diddlysquat about American history, and Zinn was an easy way to get out of reading boring history loan s. Zinn assured me they were all written by The Man and purpose cash payday loan could skip them. Zinn was lively, full of fun facts purpose cash payday loan could sound smart repeating. "Did you know how rich John Hancock was!" Too many of those fun facts turned out not to be facts and blew up in my face during bull sessions. If you wish to read serious and passionate Leftist American history, America's most decorated historian is Columbia professor Eric Foner, whose father was blacklisted during the McCarthy era, and who gotten even since. Do not, for godssake, quote Zinn in class. Your instructor will wince, or worse, snicker. Good luck.

4.    Kimberly Southwick // Great get loan
WritesI love the Way The Author Writes Held My Attention. What A Thrill Ride. SorryAboutThe Caps On Each Word For SomeReason payday loans saratoga springs ut Is NotLettingMeFix Them And The Format Here Is Messed Up.

5.    Kasey Sterling // Great get loan
The problem today with teenage geared loan s, is the obsession with rinky dink romance and vampires. payday advance loans oklahoma city loan has none of that, it has an actual story line that makes you never want to put the loan down. The author does a great job of making you feel the emotions going through the main characters head. payday advance loans oklahoma city is a great loan , payday advance loans oklahoma city read it as a sophomore in high school and payday advance loans oklahoma city am now a junior in college and payday advance loans oklahoma city am about to read it again!

6.    Neal J. Pollock // How now brown Tao?
Based on Chuang Tzu's (CT's) "Inner Chapters" & Confucius' grandson's "Chung Yung" (CY), this work consists ofa short introduction,pp. 1-130 with even pages of highly "adapted" text & facing page commentary,pp. 131-82--endnotes on both text & commentary,pp. 183-200: endnotes on the adaptation (left out/added words).It's an awkward structure IMHO--one must continually flip back & forth between these 3 parts. payday loan in hawaii particularly liked his introduction's summary of CT--p. xiii: "simply someone who doesn't linger in any mental construct about reality, someone who lives as effortless action & peace of heart, because he has freed himself from his own beliefs." The text/commentary section's pages are hardly full--padding the number of pages. Further, CT & CY are intermixed, unmarked as to source, out of order, & lack a discernible (to me) logical order.Though I'd already read Lao Tze (e.g.Tao Te Ching),Chuang Tzu: The Inner Chapters, & Blofeld'sTaoism: The Road to Immortality, payday loan in hawaii had few problems with the loose adaptation of the text except when a bit heavy-handed--e.g. important lines left out. payday loan in hawaii admired SM's 3rd section which explains the omissions/additions. While SM makes some valuable observations in his commentary (e.g. p. 61: "The Master lives a life of appropriate action because he doesn't believe his own thoughts, there is no barrier between his mind & reality" & p. 81: "Some people have an Atlas complex: they carry the world on their shoulders"), as another reviewer said, he has lowered these exalted teachings to his own level. Much of the somewhat inane commentary/notes demonstrates IMHO a rather superficial understanding & his attempts at humor are often silly. Perhaps he's learning by doing/writing? Still, it's worth reading.Antithetically, SM has chosen some excellent quotes for his endnotes, notably:p. 144: Shakespeare, Hamlet II ii--"There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so,"p. 149: Epictetus "We are disturbed not by what happens to us but by our thoughts about what happens,"p. 177: William Blake--"He has observed the golden rule Till he's become the golden fool" & delightful:p. 171: Shunryu Suzuki Roshi --"Everything's perfect, but there's a lot of room for improvement."Of course, Chuang Tzu's text is awesome (better than CY). My favorite lines (in SM's rendering) are:p. 96: Let go of all your assumptions & the world will make perfect sense.p. 82: "Only when you are truly unattached to words or to silence can you express the truth.p. 192: When payday loan in hawaii talk about having no feelings, payday loan in hawaii mean that a man doesn't allow likes or dislikes to get in & do him harm. He just lets things be the way they are & doesn't try to help life along" & his paradoxical/fun:p. 166: "Where can payday loan in hawaii find someone who has penetrated beyond words? That's whom I'd like to have a word with." But, Mitchell hasn't done so--there's a great difference between childish & childlike.For possible further reading:Taoist Healing Imagery&The Tao of Psychology: Synchronicity and Self

7.    Autumn Gayle LaDue // Absolutely AMAZING.
Words cannot ever express how deeply funny, moving and heartfelt this novel is. bad credit fax instant loan payday was blown away by the use of Enzo, the dog, as the narrator. Absolutely brilliantly written. The zebra made me laugh time and time again! A compelling plot with a PHENOMENAL ending. bad credit fax instant loan payday could not have thought of a better start, middle or finish to this beautifully written story. AMAZING!

8.    Spy Groove "Ravenna" // Beautiful but somehow lacking
I had high hopes for this loan . The pictures, on its cover, chapter titles and section titles, gave me such a boost that payday loans houston tx online didn't mind to buy the hardcover edition.However, despite the very interesting start, payday loans houston tx online felt a little bored from the center part. The prince part did wake me up but just until they met problem about living in both worlds. Too vague and payday loans houston tx online didn't feel the story really ended.

9.    Stephanie De Pue // Based Upon Her Solid Background in Law Enforcement
"Never Tell" is fourth in the New York Police Department Detective Ellie Hatcher series by young bestselling American author Alafair Burke, following212,Angel's TipandDead Connection, and the standaloneLong Gone. Burke, the daughter of very popular American crime novelist James Lee Burke, has published seven previous novels, and has a second series to her bow, that centered on Portland (Oregon) Deputy District Attorney Samantha Kincaid. The Sun-Sentinel has described Burke's output as "two powerhouse series." Burke is a graduate of Stanford Law School and a former Portland Deputy District Attorney. She is now a Professor at Hofstra Law School, where she teaches criminal law and procedure. She lives in Manhattan.Sixteen year old Julia Whitmire is found dead in her bathtub, her wrists cut, a handwritten suicide note on her bed. Yet her parents insist that she would never take her own life. Among other things, she appeared to have everything: famous, powerful father; luxurious Manhattan townhouse; spot at elite, highly competitive Casden private school. However, all was not peachy keen with Julia: there was great pressure to excel at Casden; many students abused prescription antidepressants and ADHD medications. An unlabeled bottle of pills in Julia's purse hints that she'd followed the trend. And a search of Julia's computer shows that before her death she had begun a dangerous game of cyber bullying with an unexpected victim. Further investigation shows that the adventurous teenager socialized not only with the to-be-expected over privileged students from her school, but also with homeless street kids from Manhattan's Greenwich Village, and hints that she may been having a secret affair with an older man.I've read and reviewed LONG GONE, andClose Case (Samantha Kincaid Mysteries), and think this novel shows considerable growth from her two earlier works. If nothing else, the author has gotten much stronger in her description of New York City, its boroughs, such as Manhattan, and its landmarks, such as Greenwich Village. NEVER TELL is also quite well-written, with sharp narrative, descriptive writing, and dialog. The plot ticks along in a satisfactory way. The writer achieved more power in this loan than in the previous works of hers that quick legal payday loans in georgia payday advance loans24h com have read. Burke still, however, seems to have an unusual number of troubled daughters of famous fathers around. Julia's father, Bill Whitmire seems based upon Bill Graham, rock icon who once owned the epoch-making theaters Fillmore East, and Fillmore West. Detective Ellie Hatcher's own father is said to have been locally famous in her hometown, as a cop who may, or may not have killed himself. One way or another, Burke also does quite a bit of name-dropping, a cadre of restaurants. Beyond that, many of her characters, quick legal payday loans in georgia payday advance loans24h com felt, were thinly veiled representations of well-known people. quick legal payday loans in georgia payday advance loans24h com also felt that by dealing with teenagers, and the world from their points of view, and giving us a rather young female cop as the detective, Burke was flirting with having her work being classified as for young adults.Classification as an author of Young Adult material would not benefit Burke, quick legal payday loans in georgia payday advance loans24h com think, as she appears to be trying to create strong, believable female characters. Her work is based upon her solid background in law enforcement, and begins to have the flavor of realism about it. Burke has been featured by The Today Show, People Magazine, The New York Times, MSNBC, The Washington Post, USA Today, and The Chicago Sun-Times. Dennis Lehane has called Burke "one of the finest young crime writers working today." I'm not sure I'd go that far, but I'm encouraged by this, her latest publication, and look forward to more.

10.    Leslie A. Goldgehn "Swimming Reader" // Edith Wharton...
what else can you say? Beautifully written, captures the era perfectly yet still oh so relevant today. VEry well done.

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